Melissa Fisher-Rozenberg

I have spent my artistic career embracing refuse by repurposing it for installations and sculptures. My recent work is created using objects found on the street—which I pair with materials inherited or reclaimed from past projects. My practice is both inspired and informed by an impetus to embrace my surroundings and create sustainably, with minimal environmental impact.

My work is an intricate culmination of meditative, time-consuming processes through which I explore loss, spirituality, mental health and emotionality. My process is one (admittedly) rooted in obsessive behaviour—a personal coping mechanism. Form, geometry, patterns, and simple maneuvers combine to create something of beauty.

In 2015, my active involvement in the arts community was hindered by my struggles with depression. In the years since, my energy has gone into creating new work, striking a mentalbalance, and striving to reclaim the momentum lost. Art-making has helped me to escape, reflect upon, and process acute psychological difficulties. It’s worth noting that in the summer of 2020, I gave birth to my first child. As an artist-mother, I am learning how to navigate my “return” to the arts community in a healthy, positive and authentic manner.

Acknowledging and thankful for having had the support of: